Twofold Spaces

Graphics + Logos
Product renderings for a Portland startup that “create[s] on-demand, space-saving furniture for the home, workplace and everywhere in between.”

As the COVID-19 pandemic sent the world to quarantine in early 2020, countless workers found themselves suddenly working from home – often with little space to do so. Portland-based Twofold Spaces had the perfect solution, with unique furniture that turns idle spaces into productive workspaces when needed, and tucks away when not in use.

With their product line growing rapidly – for the home and the workplace – Twofold was working fast, and needed images to represent their products, oftentimes while still in development! We had a blast working with the fun team at Twofold, who let our creativity run wild in a series of renderings showcasing their products.


An incredible product already designed, we were proud to help Twofold illustrate the first of several of their work and office-based products. In this case, the “slim profile table complete with 2 power outlets, USB ports and tucked away storage space for power supplies, cables, and accessories when not in use” was an inspiration for both professionals and kiddos alike.


“Designed for small spaces, this low profile system fits under windows and transforms walls into a dining or work area.” A novel concept that we were tasked with visualizing. Picturing a popular urban street on a late summer’s evening, we had a blast creating a rendering of this beautiful product in its native habitat.


“Focus[ing] on providing privacy, sound dampening, and safe division of open space,” we were tasked not only with the product render, but also with the design of a space meeting social distancing standards while also offering community and beauty in an office environment.

Pictured: Imagined office furniture layout plan utilizing Space Makers to keep colleagues safely distanced while maintaining visual connection. (Click image to enlarge.)

Twofold’s “versatile, mobile, micro clinic support[ing] light healthcare needs like testing, vaccination, and information exchange with a bright functional space” led us to envision this Plaza in the context of an office lobby. Whether office or residential environment, Health Plaza is a literal life-saver in the post-COVID-19 world.


Twofold’s “lightweight, efficient, pop-up space, Micro Plaza, provides privacy and dampens sound allowing users to focus.” We couldn’t be more proud to partner with Twofold on this product at this time. What an honor to support these products as we enter into a new life of social distancing and innovations to combat the spread of COVID-19.


Twofold Spaces


Portland, Oregon


Completed, 2020