San Diego Sustainable Building Week

Brand Identity
Logo design for the San Diego Green Building Council’s annual festival.

The San Diego Green Building Council approached us looking for a logo for their up-and-coming inaugural Sustainable Building Week, following in the footsteps of Portland’s festival of the same name, launched in 2018.

The client wanted a logo that both reflected not just the City of San Diego, but also the entirety of San Diego County, while being complimentary to their existing branding. Having spent some time in San Diego and San Diego County, we were familiar with the area and more than happy to deliver!

One of the great inherent qualities of San Diego Sustainable Building Week is the fact that the week brings together local individuals and organizations of all types, sharing the common goal of building for a better tomorrow. With this in mind, we began graphically representing this concept as a series of lines, combining together to become one, stronger, entity.


After several rounds of design iterations, the concept took the shape of a tree – the leaves representing various organizations, connected by branches tied to the trunk. A final, subtle, element of the logo renders the tree as a tall building, with the entirety of the design wrapped in colors associated with southern, sunny, San Diego County.


With the logo needing to be flexible, we created multiple variations, allowing the design adapt to the ever-changing needs of the client and their marketing/branding needs. While the logo variations are all different in color, they maintain the core characteristics that maintain a consistent, cohesive brand.

Different logo variations accompany these two very different social media promotions, integrating seamlessly with the designs created by the San Diego Sustainable Building Week team. (Images courtesy Sustainable Building Week – San Diego via Facebook.)


We developed a unique color scheme reflective of Southern California’s unique flair. Incorporated in the logo, the color scheme is intended to be utilized across all branding, physical, and digital media, creating one strong, recognizable brand.


San Diego Green Building Council


San Diego, California


Completed, 2020