Portland CSI

Web Design
A responsive website focusing on events and event registration for the Portland chapter of the national Construction Specifications Institute.

The Portland Chapter of the national nonprofit Construction Specifications Institute had been struggling for years with a website and template that wasn’t working for them. Eager to refresh the brand towards emerging professionals, and to promote their booming series of events attracting national attention, they turned to Triple Play Studio for their website reboot.

Built in multiple phases, we met their goals on time and under budget, with results that the entire team is proud of.


One of the biggest issues with Portland CSI’s previous website was event listings. Without an e-commerce option, the group needed to create two event pages for each event – an event listing, and a page via their payment gateway. Naturally, this was labor-intensive, increased the potential for errors/conflicts, and decreased the rate of conversion.

That’s all now a thing of the past. We built robust e-commerce functionality into the website that allows visitors to purchase tickets without ever leaving the website, in a simple three-click process. Guests even have the option to create personal accounts, so they can simply log in, and their payment and account information is already saved.


With an emphasis on integration and automation, we set the website up to seamlessly integrate with the Stripe payment gateway, and MailChimp for email/CRM.

Payments made on the website are collected and stored by Stripe, with automatic weekly or even daily deposits into Portland CSI’s bank account.

With the MailChimp integration, subscriber information is collected and stored automatically upon form entry, and is updated with any changes in information on subsequent entries. Manual entry and tracking is a thing of the past with these new automated processes.

With the logo needing to be flexible, we created multiple variations, allowing the design adapt to the ever-changing needs of the client and their marketing/branding needs. While the logo variations are all different in color, they maintain the core characteristics that maintain a consistent, cohesive brand.


In some instances, Portland CSI had a LOT of information to share and struggled with efficient ways to share it. In the case of their flagship study class, this information was only included in event listings that were only available twice per year.

We worked with their Outreach Committee to create a dedicated page on the new website listing information about the class that’s now available 24/7/365.

Utilizing a hierarchy of font sizes and colors, strategic use of white space, bullets, image breaks, and other techniques, we were able to break the wealth of information down into an organized, easy-to-read webpage. With event registration just one click away, this page is not only user-friendly, but also built to convert sales.

The result? Within 24 hours of website launch, the page brought in over $1,100 in sales of the class.


Portland Chapter of the Construction Specifications Institute, Inc


Web Design


Portland, Oregon


2021 Construction Specifications Institute Communications Award


Completed, 2020