Denmark Hardware Hank

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Branding, website, graphic design, marketing, and SEO for a local Wisconsin hardware store.
We created and manage the social media accounts for Denmark Hardware Hank, curating content, engaging followers, and increasing follower count. We focus on gaining followers in the store’s target market for effective messaging, while also engaging with a wide community of other hardware stores nationwide.

Denmark Hardware Hank needed a website for their Northeast Wisconsin community to find the store’s location, services, rental equipment, and how to get in touch.

We created all that and then some, adding our signature social media “handy tips” as an integral part of the website. We also added an easy to find email subscription form to the site, allowing visitors to become long-time customers who receive bi-monthly emails about the store and the services provided.

Additionally, we’ve paid particular attention to SEO, helping to convert search engine traffic into physical traffic, while laying a solid foundation for future growth.

An integral part of Denmark Hardware Hank‘s digital marketing strategy, we manage their bi-monthly store emails. From curating content to composing the messages, and from email design to managing the database, reports, and back-end, we work hard to craft beautiful emails with simple, compelling messages.
We designed custom weather-resistant 2″ x 4″ stickers for Denmark Hardware Hank to apply to the power equipment that they sell and service. The stickers give owners a quick reference for who to call should they need service or maintenance of their power equipment, and reinforce the Denmark Hardware Hank brand.

Happy with our work on the design of the Generator Works vans, Denmark Hardware Hank asked us to create clean, simple graphics for their company van. With great attention paid to hierarchy of images and text, the design ensures the most relevant information is picked up, even at 65 mph.


Denmark Hardware Hank


Brand Identity, Signage + Graphics, Web Design


Denmark, Wisconsin


Completed, 2016-2024