Building Fit

Exhibition DesignInstallation
Branding, graphic, and exhibition design for a Portland architecture and wellness exhibition.

Portland’s Center for Architecture purchased the AIA New York FitNation exhibit in 2015, and turned to Triple Play Studio for help on integrating it within their space while also expanding it to include Portland-specific projects.

We took cues from the FitNation panel design to create additional Portland-specific panels highlighting local projects. The panels featured icons relating to the “Approaches to Health” that each project inhibited.

Additionally, we utilized left over space beneath each panel to create a beautifully designed map of Portland, locating the featured projects within their context in the city.
In addition to exhibit design, we were proud to brand and promote the exhibition, helping with postcard mailers and designing building signage to engage passersby on the street.

After we designed the exhibit board layout for Building Fit, we created a clear, easy to read installation guide for The Center for Architecture. The guide was an invaluable resource for them to help plan for and visualize the exhibit, while also helping them install the exhibit under our guidance.

AIA Portland (Now AIA Oregon); Portland Center for Architecture

Based on Exhibition Design By

AIA New York | Center for Architecture (Organizer); Abruzzo Bodziak Architects (Curator); Abruzzo Bodizak Architects and Pentagram (Exhibition Design); Pentagram (Graphic Design)


Portland, Oregon


Completed, 2015