Portland Design Events

Logo, branding, web, SEO, marketing, and graphic design for a Portland startup.


**NOTE: Portland Design Events has recently been rebranded as Portland Design Pup, which we are also the website and graphic designers of. While that portfolio page is forthcoming, the original Portland Design Events brand continues below.**

We created and manage the Portland Design Events website, organizing and beautifully sharing over 700 events per year.  The events are aggregated from dozens of individuals and organizations from across the Portland area.

In addition to event sharing, the website also hosts a blog, a powerful search function, and a compilation of local blogs and design-related organizations.

Intent on promoting events across all platforms, we place a high importance on SEO, ensuring that events posted to the site consistently rank among the highest in search engine results.


We created and manage all digital marketing for Portland Design Events, including multiple social media channels as well as a weekly email digest.  We utilize tools to help us work smarter, while offering different content and different experiences across the range of digital platforms.

We take great care to curate frequent, quality content, engage followers, and grow the base of followers in the Portland area.  Our work has not only helped Portland Design Events grow their brand, but has bolstered community event marketing for dozens of Portland organizations and individuals.


We designed and built a stand alone e-commerce website for the Portland Design Events Store.  We utilized industry-leading software to manage store inventory, operate a secure checkout, and automate product printing and shipping.

The result? On the front-end, a crisp, clean, easy to navigate website, maximizing guest experience.  On the back-end, intuitive and streamlined processing, tracking, and reports maximizes profitability.

Product Design

While we were building the Portland Design Events Store, we were also hard at work designing graphics for many of the items in the store.  Taking cues from local landmarks and the skyline, our designs are featured on various store products including:

Responsive Design

Especially important for attendees on-the-go, Portland Design Events features a fully responsive website.  Event pages include built-in maps of the event venue, allowing users to find their way from wherever they are located.

The design also allows visitors to locate events and activities from any device, anywhere, worldwide.

Banner image courtesy Carlos Camarena.