Lake | Flato No. 2
Lake | Flato No. 1
Imagined Cityscape
Price Tower No. 1
Progress on Price Tower
Name That Footprint!
Edith Farnsworth House No. 6
Edith Farnsworth House No. 5
Edith Farnsworth House No. 4
Edith Farnsworth House No. 3
Edith Farnsworth House No. 2
Edith Farnsworth House No. 1
Ritual (Therapy No. 10)
Disappointment (Therapy No. 12)
Goal v. Reality (Therapy No. 8)
Not Perfect, but Still Showing Up (Therapy No. 9)
Semi-Imagined Space (Therapy No. 7)
Therapy No. 6
Stages of Change (Therapy No. 13)
Therapy No. 5
Breakthrough (Therapy No. 14)
Therapy No. 4
Congestion (Therapy No. 11)
Life: A Diagram (Therapy No. 3)
Therapy No. 2
Therapy No. 1
The Old St. Louis Courthouse
Puget Sound
Balboa Park
Salk. No Further Comment.
In the air at Salk
Torrey Pines
Christmas (Circle) in April
Sunset in Borrego Springs
I Love this Place!!
Inspiration Point
The Storm Rolls In
Are We Out of the Woods Yet?
The Outfielder
The Suburbs
Eye Study No. 1
St Johns Bridge
Shadows on the McCullough Range
The Laugh
The People on the Bus!
Occidental Square Old and New
Freeway Park
Bainbridge and Beyond
Looking Up at 5th and Columbia
Freeway Park
Puget Sound
A Great Day for a #SketchCrawl
Summer Vibes on the Water
A Figure Aloft
Sokol Blosser Vineyards
Willamette Valley from Sokol Blosser
Looking West
Tree Shadows at Waterfront Park
Vortex - Richard Serra
One Week Ago...
Fields of Gold
Kingman, Kansas
Wata Tower; Nowata, OK.
Cooper Chapel in Context
Thorncrown Chapel in Context
Frank at Price Tower
L'Air by Aristide Maillol
A Cool Tree in Hillsboro
Mt Hood
Into the Suburbs...
Pitcher vs. Hitter
VOA Oregon
Standard Insurance Center
Live Model, 20 Minute Sketch
Current Mood
Self Portrait
Found in My Apartment
Off Hawthorne
Cloudrest Vineyard Gardens
An Oldie but a Goodie
From the #StJohnsBridge on a Rainy Saturday Afternoon
Keller Fountain
Pettygrove Park!
Simon Benson House
Carnegie Annex
The Rectangular Foursquare
The Spanish Revival
The Storybook House
Layover at the Airport
Happy New Year!
Putting Robie Into Perspective
Marina City
Immaculate Heart
Signal Gasoline
Charcoal Portrait
Nelson-Atkins Museum Bloch Building
Pioneer Courthouse
Ape Caves
Hawthorne Bridge
Lost and Found: Ankeny Alley
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